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Contract Blending

The ICMQ Chemicals Warehouse/Blending facility is strategically located in Brisbane, Australia for the contract blending and import/export of high performance chemicals to Industrial and Petrochemical markets throughout the Australasian region.

ICMQ has qualified experienced chemical staff ready to blend your specialty chemical formulations to your confidential specifications.

Using the latest blending technology, contract blending capacities from 1 litre to 10,000 litres per blended batch are available now. The blending facility has a variety of blending systems to suit the most complicated chemical formulations.

The ICMQ chemical team adheres to strict quality control standards, Certificates of Analysis are produced for each batch and samples are retained for a minimum of 12 months.

ICMQ can complete the manufacturing process by providing warehousing and shipping from our fully palletised facility. On time manufacturing and shipping guarantees complete satisfaction.

Our Joint venture partners in Western Australia be pleased to provide the same quality service and supply.

As every filtration requirement is individual please contact
ICMQ for further information. Phone: +617 3393 5311

icmq contract blending

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