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Chemical Trading

In an age of global supply and demand, a single source of chemical supply can be invaluable in providing YOUR customers the requisite chemistry they require.

ICMQ’s global sourcing model can facilitate a seamless supply chain to ensure that all things that are supposed to happen, do happen.

ICMQ is an Industry source for Global chemical purchase and supply into many areas  of  Australian commerce.

The ICMQ Team based in Qld , has experience in supply and delivery of bulk chemistry direct to the end user in all areas of industry.

Our logistics control is second to none to provide continuity of supply to a wide industry base, covering Oil and Gas, mining, road and infrastructure construction.

Facility management and shutdown cleaning is easily controlled with our approach to on time delivery management.

ICMQ joint venture partners in Western Australia will provide a single source of supply into any geographic area of Australia.



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